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Cursed Tuscan jackets
MT vegetable tanned leather

Maledetti Toscani shoes are the expression of Italian CREATIVITY, of timeless quality and style. We carry out a careful search for precious and robust materials, such as REAL LEATHER soles and heels, vegetable tanned leathers and customized accessories. Our shoes are aged in multiple ways, with water and stone washes or dyed and brushed by hand. The shapes used combine comfort and Italian style. Our ARTISAN approach and the highest attention to detail in every phase of the production process makes each piece unique.

Informal and sporty lines, SPECIAL treatments and finishes add refinement and elegance; our garments are designed for a safe and individual style, NOT CONVENTIONAL. We take care of every stage of the production process, starting with the choice of fine leathers; the personalized metal details, the aging of the garments, and the lines reminiscent of vintage clothing create the unique, informal and gritty style.

Our bags are the result of a craftsmanship that enhances the NATURAL beauty of vegetable tanned leathers. VEGETABLE TANNING is based on the use of natural tannins from trees and on the slow passage of time; it is the most traditional and the only one that gives the leather that characteristic of UNIQUENESS. The bag made with this quality material becomes a witness of the changes and customizations that occur over time. Choosing a Maledetti Toscani bag is the expression of a unique and unrepeatable philosophy and LIFESTYLE.