Our level of quality is a combination of natural and durable materials and eco-sustainable work processes. Our products are designed to last as long as possible to guarantee a timeless style.

We take care of every stage of the production process, starting from the choice of fine, robust and long-lasting leathers, such as soles and heels in real leather, and above all, vegetable tanned leathers. This type of tanning is a process based on the use of organic products such as vegetable tannins without the use of chromium or other harmful substances; it is an ancient art, the most traditional and recognizable, and it is still the most ecological method of tanning today. It respects the characteristics of the material and lets it age naturally like a living being, each sign and nuance is personal and testifies to the use that has been made of it.

Our products made of vegetable tanned leather are accompanied by guarantee certificates issued by the Consortium of Genuine Italian Vegetable Tanned Leather. The certificates are progressively numbered and registered, allowing the traceability of the product at any time and anywhere in the world...