We take care of every phase of the working process, starting from the choice of precious, robust and long-lasting materials. Leather production is a complex business that requires great care and social responsibility. The search for quality materials must also be accompanied by awareness of how the leathers used to create products are treated.
Here are the reasons why ethics and sustainability are at the heart of our choices, whose ultimate aim is to offer garments modeled according to ethical standards that preserve the environment and respect animals.

Vegetable tanned leather has become the iconic material of Maledetti Toscani.
Vegetable tanning is a process based on the use of organic products such as vegetable tannins without the use of chromium or other harmful substances; it is an ancient art, the most traditional and recognizable, and is still today the most ecological method of tanning. It respects the characteristics of the material and lets it age naturally like a living being, every sign and nuance is personal and testifies to the use made of it.
Our products made of vegetable tanned leather are accompanied by the certificates of guarantee issued by the Italian Vegetable Tanned Genuine Leather Consortium. The certificates are progressively numbered and registered, allowing the traceability of the product at any time and anywhere in the world.

The choice of material blends harmoniously with the design:
jackets, shoes and bags are not meant to be changed after a few months, but to be faithful companions for as long as possible; our products acquire charm with age, are easy to maintain and repair. We are not capable of making garments to accumulate and throw away with the launch of each new trend.
For this we can speak of timeless style.
We believe in uniqueness: our work is a tribute to the diversity of each human being; nothing we put into play is reproducible. For us, the word fashion means creating products with a soul to be preserved, which respect the unrepeatable value of those who choose them.

When you wear a product Maledetti Toscani, we want you to feel confident that you are making a difference.