carries a history of successful know-how, convinced we have “hell in the mouth and the sky in the hands” we say what we think and we create only what we do best: strictly true Made in Italy, the one made by hours of work and sacrifices, no one told on television by people who speak well and then produces abroad.


We choose top quality leathers, relying on tanners that use the old methods dating back to the Roman Empire. Vegetable tanning is still the most environmentally friendly tanning method, the most traditional and recognizable, the one that leaves the fingerprint of every skin visible, because it respects the nature of matter. The vegetable tanned leather absorbs and incorporates in itself the passage of time, and testifies to the use made of it.


We remain rigorous in our Made in Italy Ethical Truth and Quality. We want to change the world and we will succeed. Know that every shoe under 150 € with certainty is not only not Italian but much worse is made with products that are bad for your health and those who worked there. Exploitation and cancer are not arguments for which one can turn a blind eye. I put my face on it and I’m ready for any comparison! Strangely on TV they invite only the usual presumed great of the Fashion that with the washing of the jeans have killed people of my age and still continue to go unpunished or enslave workers of already poor people creating hunger. Damn Toscani REVOLUTION HAS STARTED! I repeat the REVOLUTION HAS STARTED! YOU STAY WITH US ! BUY LESS BUT BUYS WELL AND ETHICAL, BEGINNING YOU TO UNDERSTAND AND GIVE YOUR MONEY ONLY TO THOSE YOU DESERVE. You’ll see how much work we can still give and how many companies we can reopen. But it is clear NO FORGIVENESS for those who have allowed these shameful rules of fake Made in Italy. With 10 lines the law on Made in Italy I do it. Alessandro Quadri Co-President of Maledetti Toscani, born … free!
Happy to work with honest people, to give work to people and not to numbers, to believe in it and to WIN thanks to you our customers.
MT is not just Business is an ideology.

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