We choose top quality leathers, relying on tanners that use the old methods dating back to the Roman Empire. Vegetable tanning is still the most environmentally friendly tanning method, the most traditional and recognizable, the one that leaves the fingerprint of every skin visible, because it respects the nature of matter. The vegetable tanned leather absorbs and incorporates in itself the passage of time, and testifies to the use made of it.


Our shoes are authentic masterpieces. There are those who realize a shoe in one hour… we are less good, we need only three weeks. Our work consists in the choice of fine leather, stained by the tannins of trees, real leather soles, washing with water and stones, instead of using plastic, chrome colors and make goods produced in series. The worn look of MT shoes which is well preserved in our beautiful wooden boxes.


You can choose between: “I buy something to calm down” and “I buy something really nice and I cry once”. Our bags are born after long phases of work, in which the hands of our craftsmen are the protagonists; among the most beautiful stages, there is the manual plot of leather strands on themselves and hand-sewn with needle and thread.


A leather jacket is not an accessory, it is you, how others see you. Some make the jackets, we realize your second skin.

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