Payment methods

The following methods of payment are accepted by Maledetti Toscani™: PayPal or Credit Card It will always be directed to the PayPal system, but you can pay with any credit card without the need to have an account and be logged in. 
 The operators of the Maledetti Toscani™ Customer Service are not in any way authorized to request or to accept card numbers, terms and conditions of the credit card and/or the validity of the card extremes.

Shipping worldwide

Shipping costs are automatically calculated and displayed at the time of purchase. It may vary according to the weight and size.
As required by the rules of the trade, all of Maledetti Toscani™ shipments are accompanied by an official invoice or till receipt declaring the value of the individual items in Euro.



• RETURNS: You can return ONLY goods purchased online within 1 month (more than for the legal deadline), we love our customers.
• RETURN MONEY: We return the purchase money immediately after receiving the goods in our factory and checking its integrity. It is charged to the customer only the cost of the return shipment.

Return the goods to::

Via Berlinguer, 10
52047 Cesa – Marciano della Chiana (AR)

Always put in a ticket with all your data, shipping address, telephone number, mobile and email, as well as specify the goods exchange or return.

• REPLACE THE GOODS: You can change the goods at any time within 1 month of purchase, but only if the goods are complements. The customer will only pay the return postage. Once we receive your return will be our pleasure to send immediately the change. The goods in exchange may be different color or size, but you can also request an article completely different and possibly pay the difference.

As per Italian law you can not return goods after the purchase made in the shops, unless defective or non-conforming product.

“RIGHT OF WITHDRAWAL FOR DEFECTIVE OR NON-CONFORMING PRODUCT – Whether the purchase was made in-store or remotely, the law provides for any expenditure made by a consumer with an authorized professional, the “Legal Warranty” or “2 years”, contained in articles 28 and following of the Consumer Code. This form of guarantee covers any consumer good and can not be replaced by other guarantees, which, at most, can only extend the duration or improve the conditions. In these cases we talk about “Conventional Guarantee” which prolongs the effects (or part of them) for one or more years beyond the 2 required by law. In the case of purchase of goods used by a professional, however, the guarantee has a minimum duration of one year. To assert the Legal Guarantee, it is sufficient to keep the receipt or the receipt or a trace of the expenditure made.
When there is a lack of conformity or a malfunction, it is possible, within 2 years from the purchase, to ask the shopkeeper to repair or replace the product at no cost (not even the return in case of online purchases), thanks to the Legal Warranty. From the discovery of the defect, the consumer has 2 months for the report, which should always be done in writing by registered mail. If the repair is too expensive and the replacement is in fact possible, the consumer can request either the appropriate reduction of the purchase price or the cancellation of the contract the cancellation of the purchase or withdrawal from the contract (resolution) with the return of the amount paid. The seller can not oblige another purchase in the store or accepting a replacement voucher to purchase a voucher, unless the consumer agrees. Even the goods on sale must be covered by a guarantee, unless the shopkeeper clearly and explicitly communicates before purchasing.

A defect of conformity is also considered a working product that the shopkeeper had assured to be suitable for our particular needs, but which in reality does not satisfy them at all. On the other hand, the so-called “right of rethinking” does not fall within the scope of the Legal Guarantee.

RIGHT OF WITHDRAWAL FOR “RETIREMENT” – If we buy in the store or in a commercial space, it is not possible to change your mind, unless there is a lack of conformity, even in the case of gifts or similar. The right of withdrawal for rethinking is only possible in the case of purchases made outside the business premises (telematically – online or on the phone – but also in the square or along the road if we are stopped by a commercial operator). In these cases it is possible within a period of 14 days from receipt, exercise the right of withdrawal without having to provide special justifications and request the return of the amount paid for the purchase in addition to shipping costs (in case of goods). The latter are generally the responsibility of the seller, but it may occur, for example, that only the standard delivery costs are reimbursable, and not the surcharge paid for that Rapida. All this of course only if the goods will be returned intact, with the original seal intact (if it is for example cd or dvd) and must not have been manipulated in order to reduce the original value.

The professional must, for his part, reimburse the purchase within 14 calendar days from the day on which he received the communication from the consumer of wanting to withdraw, using the same payment method as the buyer. In the event that the seller does not explain in the contract, clearly and exhaustively, how to exercise the withdrawal and does not indicate the relative terms (which can also be expanded but never decreased), the statutory deadline for changing the idea rises to 1 year and 4 days, upon receipt of the goods or from the signing of the contract.

Attention, however, because the right of withdrawal for “rethinking” does not apply to any “service that has already been started, with the consent of the consumer”; they are in fact excluded: food, hotels, restaurants, transport, tourist packages, museum tickets, music, apps or videos purchased online, etc.”

N.B.: by RETURN and CHANGE of an item sold OUT OF THE EUROPEAN COMMUNITY we remember that the goods should be returned with a maximum value of € 10.00 typing “GOODS IN RETURN, NOT FOR SALE”, unless specified Maledetti Toscani™ does not assume the Customs Duties and then will not withdraw the goods that will be rejected until it arrives without Customs Duties or with Customs Duties less than 10.00 €, that will be charged to the customer.

Legal Terms

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